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Sky Preview

Bring window views into your interior renderings

At pre-construction stages of building high-rise condos or hotels, attracting customers and investors for receiving external funds are necessary. 

We provide fully detailed interior renderings together with real-world window views of every unit in your building, so you can easily convince your potential investors of the future value of your units in the market.

How it works

Flight Programming

we program the drone to flight automatically around the yet-to-be-built condo based on construction design and limitations.

Drone Mission

Drone flies over the site, locks on right directions as reaches window positions on each floor, and takes high quality photos from the view.

Processing & Finalization

Images will be processed in our cloud platform and actual views will be built into the exterior and interior 3d models and renders of the condo.

Sky Thermal

Thermal analysis of

Anomalies such as air leaks, cracks, missing or damaged insulation highly affect a building’s energy use. Either for under construction buildings or newly constructed ones, we employ our drones to capture thermal images from all facades of the building and detect possible damages and anomalies.

Our cloud platform analyzes the photos predicting total energy output from the damages, providing recommendations on methods to fix the issues in order to maximize energy efficiency and also estimating total energy and money that can be saved implementing those methods.

How it works

Flight Programming

Once on location of an under-construction or built condo, the drone will be programmed for auto-pilot around the building.

Drone Mission

Drone will fly around the condo and capture thermal images from the building to identify energy leakage, and detect structural anomalies.

Processing & Feedback

SkyThermal predicts total energy output, recommends fix methods, and shows the energy & money that can be saved by fixing the anomalies.

SkyCondor Advantages

High Quality Imaging

48 Megapixel camera used to provide images with stunning quality.

Automatic Control

Drones will be automatically guided to capture landscape views of each unit in all directions before construction.

Cloud-based Software

Have access to your condo units' design and thermal analysis online from anywhere at anytime.

Thermal Analysis Software

A powerful energy efficiency simulator that will help you detect anomalies like thermal leaks, and visible structural damages.

Increased Sales & Profit

Having more realistic interior renders from your units, you can increase both the potential customers for pre-construction sales and your unit prices.

Interdisicplinary Team

Diverse team of experienced architecural and construction engineers together with sales & marketing professionals providing valuable service and solution.

Differentiate your condo sales and marketing

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