Saving Energy With Drone Thermal Picture Analysis Solution

If we want to buy a house or apartment, we have a lot of choice according to our budgetary.


Firstly We observe on area and location, then we think about how many square feet we need, how many rooms and finally we think about internal design. What we forget to consider is our continuous payment i.e. bills of electricity, gas and maintenance during living in our place.

If our desired construction has green certificate, we will be more confident on saving energy and of course on extra payments.

Our focus in the thermal section of sky condor is on not only saving energy by checking the ways engery is wasted from a building, but also by leading our construction industry care for saving energy in the future.

Simply this section is to find waste places by checking heat radiation, then reporting to customers for repairing nodes and places which cause wasting energy. Considering all extra charges any customer pays for energy, repairing problems in their building will be very reasonable and acceptable for the future.

We proudly inform you that with our expert team, we will be with you to think about improvement of your living area. Any question, please feel free to contact with our technicians.

As a part of skilled team, I will send step by step information to you to think about your home improvement. We need only your permission to start thermal checking of your house and referring problems to you.

Useful links: sky condor

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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