About Us

Drone-enabled Solutions for Pre-Construction Condo Builders and Sellers.

The construction industry is evolving continuously, and the use of technological tools and devices has greatly helped this development to take place.

Implementing drones and using their vast capabilities brings significant advantages to this industry and SkyCondor Company has created effective solutions for improving the sales and marketing in the construction industry by having a correct understanding of these capabilities. Before beginning the construction of residential, office, or commercial buildings, real images from the surrounding environment of the construction site can be captured using drones. These images can then be inserted into the architectural designs of the building (especially within the interior design of the units), and therefore, accurate simulations of the future vision of the units can be provided to the potential customers.

In addition, considering the increased cooling and heating energy costs for buildings, we can accurately monitor the already constructed buildings’ exteriors, detect damages or energy-wasting holes, and fix them by using our specialized software.


Differentiate your condo sales and marketing

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Our Creative Team

Mehrdad Zavareh Mohammadi

  • Architect, Planner and University Professor with more than 20 years of architecture & Urbanism experience.
  • Master Degree in Strategic Management.
  • CEO of NICT office in Terms of Architecture.
  • With more than 10 Years of Experience with the Consultant Position in the Tehran City council, the Ministry of Road, Municipality of Tehran, Iran Chamber of Commerce & Several NGO in terms of Architecture and Urbanism.

Afshin Morisi

Head of Engineering
Project manager
  • Mechanical Engineer , over 15 years managing experience on various engineering and production fields.
  • Leading Thermal division
  • Scientific background in Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics

Farzad Manzarzadeh

Product Lead
  • Years of experience in management of technical teams
  • Hands-on experience in managing engineering projects
  • Worked on projects in the construction industry


Mohsen Ejtehadi

Head of Sales
  • Engineer by background and sales person by trade
  • Over 20 years of experience in Business Development and sales
  • Managed and grew an industrial equipment supply store prior to SkyCondor

Soheila Khalaji

Head of Marketing
  • PhD in communication science
  • Background in PR and journalism
  • Over 7 years of work experience in branding and marketing