Thermal imaging home inspection near me and check its details

How to find a thermal imaging home inspection near you and what they do

If you asked yourself about “how to find a thermal imaging home inspection near me and what they do,” you have come to the right place! Buying a house is a very large investment. Most people live in their homes for many years. Having a home inspection is vital so that you know everything in the home is in order. It’s not always mandatory, but it certainly is recommended.

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Companies that use thermal imaging as part of their analysis are a great choice when it comes to home inspections. If this is something you are interested in, you should ask. Some companies do not use this, or they charge extra for it.



Here is what we need to know:

• What it is.
• What it differs from.
• What it’s useful for, the colors on an infrared camera, mandatory fixes.
• When to call a pro.

Imaging thermal anomalies using thermal imaging can detect surface temperatures. Furthermore, it may show a somewhat different surface temperature than what is expected. Additional investigations with other tools revealed leaks, pests, and electrical problems. The service is not used by all companies offering thermal imaging home inspection, even the ones that are near you and offer free pre-checks! Usually, thermal imaging inspections involve using a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera, an infrared camera, or a video to determine whether a building or home is in good condition on its outside or inside. During this test, moisture and water are looked for inside the walls. Using this kind of technology allows inspectors to see into areas they couldn’t see before without opening up the walls.

Additionally, your home inspector will be able to recognize that something is wrong, report the issue appropriately, and investigate further.

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Finding moisture in the walls and ceilings

An inspector can discover problems on the surface by using this type of technology. Afterward, the inspector can take a closer look at the walls, floors, and ceilings. The screen shows areas with moisture and areas without, as well as parts where insulation might be lacking. Below we will check the areas where thermal imaging home inspection can help you.

Heating and Plumbing

Thermographic imaging scans the plumbing to determine if leaks are present. Inspectors can detect temperature and heat anomalies and look into them further.

Stucco and (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) EIFS inspections

The use of a thermal imaging camera is necessary for these inspections, if not almost impossible. For example, using a FLIR camera or another thermal imaging device, you can detect rot behind the stucco. Such detection cannot be done with the naked eye.

Wood-destroying insects

Infrared cameras can detect active nests. Did you know that? The infrared camera detects heat from them with its infrared sensor. As a result, our home inspection team can examine them further.

Problems with the electrical system

Thermographic imaging can also reveal electrical problems in a home during a home inspection. Problems such as faulty circuit breakers or overloaded circuits would be common examples.

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection and the HVAC Unit

The HVAC system is also examined during a thermal imaging inspection to ensure it is properly connected and working. A potential problem with your insulation could cause your bill to increase. A leaky air conditioner compressor can also be discovered.

Roof leaks can also be discovered!

With a thermal imaging camera in the evening, an inspector can see where problems are and how much heat has been released from the roof.

Deficiencies in the Structure

In addition to finding wet basements, missing insulation, mold, and other structural defects, this camera can also identify leaks in the home.

Losses in Energy

Thermal imaging can also detect cracks in double-paned windows or places where air escapes from sliding doors.

Infrared Camera and the Colors

Infrared cameras most commonly come in white, red, yellow, and light colors for warmer to hotter environments. The blue to black and darker colors indicate a cooler environment.

Differential temperatures are represented by the colors. From the outside, the inspector will be able to tell what is probably happening inside, and further inspection is required. Furthermore, the colors may differ depending on the camera settings.

 professional thermal imaging inspector

It’s Best to Hire a Professional Home Inspection Service

Choosing a home inspection company that performs thermal imaging inspections is important if that is something you seek. As mentioned before, not all of them do this, so it’s best to find the ones that do them. It is offered by those who are trained and used for inspection as opposed to diagnosing.

Despite their high cost, companies have used these cameras for over a decade. Inspectors can use them to discover issues on the surface and know what they need to investigate and fix further.


There are many companies that offer home inspections using thermal imaging. This is to ensure they find all problems the first time and be as precise as possible.

Make sure you ask your home inspector whether he or she uses thermal imaging. You can also inquire about how they use thermal imaging in their inspections and what their certifications are. This is very important when you look for thermal imaging home inspection services near you.

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